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Why is HIRE so Effective?

HIRE's smart tools and features are designed to do one thing – find you top performing hires.

Unlimited Flexibility

Change plans or cancel your subscription immediately. You’ll have total flexibility to start, stop and then restart when you need to HIRE.

A Single Dashboard

All candidates, no matter where they come from – Craigslist, other job posts & sites, even walk-ins – get vetted through HIRE. Direct everyone to your HIRE job post with a unique link.

Live Human Support

Real problem-solving people answer questions and provide tech support on the spot so you can get back to doing what you do.

The Right Focus

You know the difference a great employee makes – they sell more, serve better and show up! HIRE focuses on finding you the cream of the crop.

Every Plan Includes

  • Your Branded Business Page
  • Easy Job Post Builder
  • Posting to our Job Board
  • Unique Job Post Link / URL
  • Bikelane Skills Assessment Screener Quiz
  • Candidate Personality Video
  • Organized Applicant Availability
  • Automated Communication

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