Every Restaurant Owner: a Jack-of-All-Trades

Most people end up in the food industry for the love of food, but the job description of an owner changes every day. As an owner, you could easily find yourself as a host one day and an accountant the next. As we both know, owners have a lot on their plates. Whether your focus is on costs, competition, customers, vendors, menus, or pricing, it’s safe to say that HR is low on the list. However, human resources (or HR) for restaurants can be an excellent return on investment.

The Restaurant Industry’s Employee Turnover Problem

For most restaurants, little money is invested into human resources. It shows. In 2017, the average tenure of a restaurant employee was just 56 days. As you know, most workers in the restaurant industry receive low wages, few benefits, and insufficient work hours. This can lead to higher levels of employee turnover and workforce instability. These problems are both costly and problematic. Without a strong team of employees, the chances of a restaurant’s success are slim.

According to a Cornell Study, investing in your employees can help you get ahead of these problems. Besides helping with employee turnover, HR helps with onboarding, training, performance, sexual harassment, and much more.

Employee Onboarding is for Businesses of All Sizes

With a high-quality onboarding process, you can get hires up to speed and pointed in the right direction, fast. This ensures that employees are engaged and empowered to do their jobs. Just like onboarding, a thorough employee training process is invaluable to restaurateurs. Proper employee training helps your team do their job effectively and in line with your wants and needs. By establishing an ongoing conversation about employee performance, you can set clear expectations for the role. This lessens the resource drain of on-the-job demonstrations, raises team morale, and benefits your bottom line.

Avoid a Wrongful Termination Suit

Want an added bonus? If you begin to document expectations and evaluations, you can protected in the event of a wrongful termination suit. Sexual harassment and HR go hand in hand, too. By law, you must provide a safe working environment for all employees. You should have a consistent and effective protocol in place to address harassment complaints. If you implement proper measures and documents, then you protects your employees and your business.

Be Prepared: Harassment Claims to Employee HandBooks

HR for restaurants may not be at the forefront of owners’ minds. However, owners should strongly consider it. The restaurant industry has many unique HR challenges. Don’t be caught off-guard by any of them. The U.S. restaurant industry continues to grow and, as it does, so should your management plans. The benefits of quality HR for restaurants are clear. As you build up resources and tools for employees, your restaurant should run more smoothly. To learn how to streamline your restaurant’s hiring or for insight into a employee handbooks, visit Bikelane Hire.