100% Focused on Restaurant & Hospitality

We spent more than a year just talking to restaurant owners and managers, literally 1,000s of you! Overwhelmingly, you said your biggest challenge was staffing and all that it entails. The costs of employee turnover are draining your resources and increasing risk and liability. Improve staffing, and you know you’re ahead of the game.

HIRE Better

Quality, top-performing employees sell more, serve better and lower your costs and risk. Mis-hires, they do the exact opposite. We set out to develop a solution for restaurants and hospitality that focuses on identifying quality candidates. A solution that would reduce and mitigate the impact of employee turnover – Bikelane HIRE.

Restaurant and Risk Experts

Staffing is always going to be pivotal to your restaurant’s success. It’s not enough to hire, you need to hire the right people. Bikelane HIRE goes beyond the standard applicant tracking systems that manage the hiring process but don’t do anything to improve the quality of your staff. HIRE helps you identify the cream of the crop, so you can make improvements in all areas of your business.