Improve Your Hiring & Your Bottom Line

Employees are a massive source of cost and risk in any restaurant. They also help you create, sell and serve. That means the better your team, the better your bottom line.

How Much Is Employee Turnover Costing You?

With our Employee Turnover Cost calculator, find out how much your restaurant spent on one of the industry’s biggest profit killer. This is why we developed HIRE.


What to Look For In New HIRES

#1 Relevant Experience

It helps. While not critical – every great employee started somewhere – it can reduce the learning curve and ramp up productivity.

#2 Matching Availability

Be clear on expectations and make sure everyone is aligned. A mismatch in availability is recipe for disaster.

#3 Mastery of the Soft Skills

Or the potential for it. This will be their attitude towards service, attentiveness, and even ethics. Use a simple assessment tool – like the one in HIRE.

#4 Proximity = Reliability

The closer your employees live to your restaurants, the more likely they are to reliably show up! Take a look at this indicator – HIRE does.

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