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What is Bikelane HIRE?

Bikelane HIRE is a job board and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for restaurants and hospitality. To learn more about posting a job click here:

To go to our job board, click here:

How does Bikelane HIRE differ from other job posting sites?

Bikelane HIRE offers employers a complete snapshot of each applicant to help vet and make the hire with more confidence.

How much does it cost to use/post jobs?

A one-time 30-day post is $70, but if you hire often for multiple positions and locations, you should consider our subscription plans. HIRE Plus is for single location businesses that are constantly hiring. HIRE Unlimited is for multi-location businesses that are always looking for their next team member.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking the link here:
You can log in, go to your “Settings”, and change your password under “Password”

How do I find quality hires?

Create an account, post a job, vet applicants, and make the hiring decision.

How do I create an account?

Click here to create an account and follow the steps. At the end of account creation, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you can post a job and start hiring!

How do I post a job?

Create an account or log in, and click the Create Job Post button. Follow the steps and once the job is posted, you’ll get an email confirmation, and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

How do I close a job? / How do I deactivate a job?

Log in. Under “Open job posts”, select the location of the job post you want to close
Click the edit button (the pencil icon), and under Status, click the Green circle to toggle the status to CLOSED. A modal should pop up to confirm the action.

How do I repost a job?

Under “Closed job posts”, select the job post you want to reopen, and in the upper righthand corner, click the red circle next to CLOSED, and a modal will pop up to confirm the action.

How much does a job post cost?

If you are on HIRE One (our pay-as-you-go plan), each job post is $70 and will be active for 30 days. If you are on HIRE Plus or HIRE Unlimited, one of our monthly subscription plans, you can post unlimited job posts for the monthly fee. HIRE Plus is $150 monthly and HIRE Unlimited is $300 monthly. For more information on pricing, click here to go to our plans and pricing page

How long is my post active for and what happens after?

If you are on the HIRE One plan, your job post will be active for 30 days. You can choose to purchase a 15-day extension for $35 at any time. After the job post expires, you can reopen the job post for $70 to view applicants.

How do I view my applicants?

Under Open job posts, click on the job post you want to view applicants for, and any applications to the job post will appear in the right-hand section.

How/Can I print an applicant’s resume?

To view and print an applicant’s resume, click Download resume icon on the applicant’s profile.

How do I contact applicants?

You can contact applicants via phone or email with the phone number and email address that the applicant has provided with their application. You can also use the Confirm Interest feature to communicate with an applicant to check their interest and availability for a job.

What is Confirm Interest? / What does the Confirm Interest button do?

Confirm interest is a feature that we’ve whipped up to help you reach out to applicants that may have applied a while ago. When you select an applicant, and click the Confirm Interest button, the applicant will receive an SMS text message to the phone number they provided, and they will be asked to confirm their interest in the position they applied to.

How do I remove an applicant? / Can I remove an applicant?

You can remove an applicant by selecting the check box next to their name and clicking the Remove button (trash can icon), or clicking into their profile, and clicking the Remove button.

How long does it take to get/start seeing applicants?

On average, businesses see the peak number of applicants after 48 to 72 hours. We’re working on shrinking that time period and getting businesses quality candidates ASATP (As Soon As They Post)!

Why are some profiles more complete than others?

Just like we give you, the employer, tools to vet applicants quickly and effectively, we give applicants many ways for them to make the best first impression with their application. Many of these things are optional, and while we urge applicants to have as complete of a profile, we like to consider the extent to which an applicant completes their profile another way for you to vet applicants.

Where do applicants come from?

When you post a new job on Bikelane Hire, two things take place: a unique job URL is created that you can then easily share anywhere you would like—to drive extra traffic to your job. As well as, we make sure your job gets distributed to our partner network with a single submission. And, we give you the tools you need to process applications and none of the ones you don’t.

What do the assessment scores mean?

Our assessment measures the soft skills that employers value in their employees beyond the technical qualifications. These can include an employee’s aptitude in customer service, selling, and adaptability. We interviewed hundreds of business owners on what they valued in their employees and boiled it down into this assessment to give you a better picture of the applicant.

How do I change plans?

Log in > Settings > Plans > Select a plan

How can I upgrade from a basic plan (PAYG) to a monthly subscription plan?

Log in > Settings > Plans > Select a plan

Can I downgrade my monthly plan? / How can I downgrade from a subscription plan to a basic plan?

Log in > Settings > Plans > Select a plan

How do I update my billing information?

Log in > Settings > Billing > Card details

How can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Log in > Settings > Plans > Select HIRE One

Can I get an invoice? / How can I get an invoice/receipt?

Log in > Settings > Billing > Invoices

I’m looking for a job, what do I do?

Search for job openings on our Discover Jobs page and apply with your HIRE account. Your HIRE profile is designed to help you make the best impression on the potential employer. After you apply to a job opening, you’ll be updated until the employer takes down the job post on the status of your application.

How do I apply for a job?

When you find a job that you’re interested in applying to in our Discover Jobs page, click the “APPLY” button and log in, or create an account to get started on your application.
Once you fill out an application once, you won’t have to fill out another application unless you need to change or update the information.

How do I apply to multiple jobs?

To apply to another position, click the “APPLY” button and log in. If you’ve already submitted an application, you’ll be taken to a page to review your new application (prefilled with the information you entered on your previous application), and you can make the necessary changes, and click “SUBMIT”.

How will I know if I got the job?

There’s a few ways we keep you updated as your application moves through the hiring process. You will get an email when the employer views your application, and you will also be notified if the employer decides to not move forward with your application. Otherwise, all communication will come directly from the employer.

What is Confirm Interest?

Confirm interest is an SMS that the employer can choose to send out to applicants they are interested in. You will receive an SMS with a link to confirm your interest in a position you applied for.

Where can I find more jobs?/I don’t see any jobs I’m interested in

We’re constantly updating and adding more jobs on our Discover Jobs page. If you don’t see any jobs you’re interested in, you can sign up for Job Alerts in your settings and you’ll receive an email when a business posts a job opening for a position you’re interested in.

What are Job Alerts?/How do I sign up for Job Alerts?

Job Alerts are emails that you can sign up for to get notified when a business posts a job opening that you might be interested in.
You can sign up for Job Alerts by logging in, going to “Settings”, and clicking the “Notifications” tab. You’ll see a dropdown checklist where you can select positions you’re interested in.

How do I upload a video?

You can upload a video when you are applying to a job post in the Video section, or from your My Profile. Log in, click My Profile, and under Video Question, you can choose to record or upload a video.

What video formats are supported on my profile?

Any video file – .mp4, .mov, .wav, etc.

How do I upload my resume?

You can upload a resume when you apply to a job post. Once you upload a resume, you won’t need to reupload it to any future applications — unless you want to update your resume.

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