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1. Post a Job

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2. Vet Applicants

Quality applicants appear at the top of your dashboard. Click to confirm interest and schedule interviews.

3. Make a Hire

You've got all the information you need to make the right hiring decisions and build your dream team.

Stop Wasting Precious Time

HIRE collects critical information about applicants, screening them for the attributes your business needs. It cuts through all the noise, making it easy for you to spot your next star employee.
Experience & Resume
Get a quick snapshot of past experience. If it looks good, take a deeper dive into their resume.
Video Question
Get a first impression of applicants as you hear and see them answer a simple question.
Fit Assessment
Designed specifically for HIRE and the hospitality industry, this short assessment test measures important soft-skills like work ethic, customer service, and multi-tasking.
Additional Critical Details
Things like ‘home proximity to your restaurant’ and ‘past relevant experience’ are indicators for performance. HIRE knows this and lets you know.

what you should know

HIRE Highlights

Identifies Top Performers

HIRE is smart. It screens candidates for the qualities your restaurant needs so you can zoom in on the potential top performers.

Saves A Lot of Everything

Time. Cost. And Nerves! In addition to organizing and managing the process for you, HIRE’s highly effective initial screening is a time-saver.

Integrates Seamlessly

With HIRE, you can still use all of your regular sources to originate applicants, including other hiring platforms, referrals and walk-ins. Get the best of all worlds.

Sell More. Serve Better. Save Cost.

Bottom line: HIRE focuses on quality. Because top performers sell more, serve better, and save you cost.

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