Channeling the Passion for Seasonal Workers
For most restaurants, seasonal hires are needed to support permanent staff as the busy season ramps up. However, no matter an employee’s tenure, every hire is a direct reflection of the company’s brand, values and culture. If seasonal hires fall short of the business’s high standard, your reputation and revenue can suffer.

Maximizing the value of seasonal hires can be the difference between a good and great summer season. Here are a few ways to improve seasonal employee output:

Willingness to Take on Challenges
Younger hires, millennials in particular, are known for their desire to make an impact. To engage this demographic, be sure to assign them meaningful tasks whenever possible. Even small tasks can give employees a chance to show their mettle. Most young workers welcome the challenge and want to prove themselves.

Younger workers, often adept at navigating social media and smartphone apps, can call attention to pain points in the ordering and delivery processes. Delivery, reservation, and review sites are integral to growing and maintaining a strong and happy customer base. Empowering seasonal employees with the opportunity to provide feedback can lead to strong value on multiple fronts.

More Engaged Employees = Lower Turnover
For those that go above and beyond or provide real value, acknowledging these efforts will not go unnoticed. The prospect of a long-term role at a company that values their employees can serve as a great retention and recruitment tool. Keep strong employees and gain access to solid prospective hires. Give employees a chance to feel more connected to the restaurant by calling attention to poor online reviews and reinforcing social media handles. Your employees are on the front lines. Give them a chance to serve as brand ambassadors.

More Than Just a Summer Fling
Spending time and resources on seasonal employees may not seem like a sound investment. But for restaurants that regularly hire summer or holiday workers, their impact on the business’s reputation can be long lasting. It is essential that strong staff training is in place to ensure every employee understands how to handle customers to the best of their abilities.

Help Seasonal Hires Boost Summer Revenue
While young seasonal workers may not be around past the summer, their impact on your restaurant’s reputation can last a long time. For this reason, it’s important that they put in their best effort to keep customers happy and your restaurant running smoothly. By implementing some of these strategies, you can channel the energy and passion of your seasonal workers into a strong work ethic, leading to happier customers and a better bottom line.